Scheduled Maintenance


We offer affordable scheduled maintenance by a certified Harley Davidson  Mechanic. The same 5k, 10k, and 50k you get from the Dealership.

Tire and Oil Changes


Competitive tire prices with all brands of tire to choose from. Bring  your tire in off the bike or ride your bike in and let us do the work.

Our oil changes start at $49.99 which includes labor, Hiflo race filter, and SAE 20W-50 oil.

Performance Engine Upgrades


Freshen up your engine. If your bike has high mileage and original cam tensioners or you just want more power and performance we do big bore kits,  head work, and upgraded cam kits for your riding style. Come in and discuss a package for you Harley!

Other Services


Paint- pinstriping-air brushing | Parts and accessories

Apparel | Repairs | Trouble shooting | Electrical Diagnostics

Extended Warranties | Insurance estimates & crash repairs

Harley Davidson Customizing & accessorizing